The Allen Herald
Allen, Kansas December 14, 1894

Gracie A. Christian


  It was twenty minutes of eleven o’clock on the night of December 7th, when the father and mother sister and brothers gathered around little Gracies bed to see the last smile fade from the dying child’s lips.  For some hours the anxious mother who had stood by the bedside of her sick, child almost constantly during her illness felt that the end was near and the mantle of death would be drawn forever.
  Gracie A. was the younger daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A.R. Christian, was born in Johnson county, Mo. 1881, age 13 years, 10 months 4 days.  She was a natural Christian, always wanting to believe that everybody was good and none bad.  She was a member of the M.P. Sunday school where she was always found on Sunday morning to be taught the lessons of Christ to the children.  Sunday morning December 9th all that was mortal of Gracie was carried by four boys from her earthly home, followed by a large number of associates to the M.P. church where the funeral services were conducted by Rev. Corbin.  The choir rendered some beautiful and appropriate music then the remains were taken to the Allen Cemetery and laid to rest.  The deceased leaves a father and mother, one sister and three brothers to mourn their loss.