The Allen Enterprise
Allen, Lyon County, Kansas, Thursday Morning, November 11, 1909

Sampson Brisco

  Was born November 30, 1901 and died November 5, 1909, being at the time of his death, 7 years 11 months and 4 days old.  His death being due to typhoid-pneumonia fever and congestion of the brain. He was sick 3 weeks.
  He leaves a father, mother, 3 brothers and 3 sisters to mourn his loss, they were all around him when he died except his oldest sister, Mrs. May Haughn who resides at Elgin, Kansas, and being in poor health could not come.  His father was also absent from the funeral on account of ill health.
  The songs that were sung were:  Safe in the Arms of Jesus, Some Glad Day, Beautiful Beckoning Hands and Nearer my God to Thee.
  The pal bearer were:  Larie Wagner, Prescott Barr. Warren Seitz and Roscoe Worley.

We are sad and lonely now,
And every joy seems fled.
Our Dear Beloved Sampson,
Is numbered with the dead.

His bright and laughing eyes are closed.
His hand in silence laid.
And all on earth of our joying son
Lies 'neath the willow shade.

He was a sweet and an affectionate son,
In loving kindness given.
That blossomed here one fleeting hour.
Henceforth to bloom in Heaven.

We will not murmur nor complain,
For He's an Angle there,
Nor would we bring him back again,
From land so bright and fair.

Sleep on Dear Sampson and take they rest,
Thy sufferings now are o'er,
Oh should we meet thee with the Blest,
To dwell forever more.